10 Tips to Make a Data Center More Efficient


The concept “Go Green” is increasingly driving businesses towards energy efficiency solutions. Because of that professional data centers are getting more efficient in their use of energy which is essential to implement a series of pragmatic operational measures. One of the first steps is to consider the system of data center as a whole, because the optimization of each element individually brings results lower.

Here is a list of best practices shared by the industry experts from “Schneider Electric” which covers the whole of the system and aid in improving the data center, optimizing them to save energy.

Setting the Hot Aisle / Cold Aisle

The server racks in a data centers should be positioned properly in rows, so that the cheap dedicated servers are positioned face to face. Planning it this way can reduce the energy losses and prolong the life of the servers.

Use of Capacity Management Tools

The capacity management tools aids to minimize the “static capacity” of the data center. It enables data center to install the utmost amount of equipments within the allocated capacity of gross power and cooling, so that they can make the machines to work at the highest levels of its efficiency curve.

Monitoring of Energy Consumption

A data center must depend on instruments to identify conditions that create inefficient electrical consumption, and issue warnings in this regard so that situations of wasted energy can be corrected quickly.

Scheduling Power and Cooling

The proper utilization of scalable power and cooling can increase the efficiency of data centers, small, or are in the early stages of its life cycle. The use of these solutions also avoids capital and operating costs.

Cooling in Row

Planning proper routes to reduce air flow through the “Cooling in Row”, helps in reducing the mixing of streams of cold air and hot air, improving the predictability of air distribution and efficient administration of cold air in the loads when required.

Free Cooling

Free cooling is the most economic mode and a common term that refers to a data center. Although the technologies used in free cooling are not completely free, it can still do much to improve the efficiency of a data center. The free cooling works by utilizing the outside air in colder months of the year, which allows to turn off the automatic cooling systems like floors and compressors and utilizes the ice water at reduced capacity.

High-efficiency UPS Systems

Technologies which currently substantially increases the efficiency and which can be obtained directly from the UPS systems. With a 30% load, the efficiency of UPS systems increases by more than 10% compared to the average of UPS systems currently installed.

Speed Controls Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

Many devices contained in the data center that run on electric motor working at full speed, even when they provide loads require less capacity. The controls speed variable frequency drives (VFD) help tailor the output of the fans to the load. The engine speed controls these devices and helps to maximize efficiency. Both the software management as thermal sensors (with or without cables) can collaborate in the regulation or control of the VFD devices.

Modular Solutions in Containers

Most of the times, there are physical constraints of the building that limit the scope of energy efficiency that can be achieved through the distribution of power and cooling. Today, many manufacturers build power modules and cooling components in containers that use standard, designed to meet specific values of efficiency in energy use (PUE). These solutions, which are packaged, delivered and installed as modules to adapt to an existing building, can quickly increase the efficiency of data centers in operation.

Containment of Hot Aisle

Hot Aisle Containment System (HACS) allows higher temperatures in workplaces and higher temperatures of ice water, resulting in an increase of operating hours in a profitable way, as well as significant savings in electrical costs.

Source: schneider-electric.com

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