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Tips For Making Data Center More Efficient

A report on efficiency, conducted in March 2014 – concluded that if companies do not change the way of design, build and operating system of data centers, annual electricity costs in this type of environment can increase to double till the end of 2018.

The first step of IT managers to cut energy costs is to know the data center thoroughly. To do so, worth from a calculation of the TCO (total cost of ownership), which corresponds to the investment to create and maintain the infrastructure and systems, combined with the usual acquisition and hardware maintenance costs to operate it.

Another point to be careful when optimizing costs with data center managers is to know the operation because this department usually pays the energy bills and therefore, IT ends up not knowing how much energy is used with servers and air conditioning.

IT is evaluated against traditional metrics such as response time and uptime, and not in terms of electric power. However, the only way to ensure more efficiency in environments not dissociate matters. Without an integrated budget, the company ends up spending much more than it is needed.

Some improvements are simple and cost very little. Among them, removing obstacles to the circulation of air can be useful. Also, before investing in new servers, worth examining whether the provision of equipment can help give more efficiency to the air conditioner. In this sense, thermal mapping tools (sold by IBM and HP, among others) help detect hot and cold spots in the environment. On the other hand, since there are companies that specialize in performing appraisal services for energy efficiency.

The proposed replacement of equipment may need to provide the implementation of cooling systems in racks arranged in rows – which can bring cool air only to hot spots – or the reorganization of runners servers, so that the cold air is directed to local hot machines.

Finally, IT must be concerned with the hardware. By cutting through virtualization or consolidation of servers, the number of machines that operate in the data center, power consumption will be lower. Also, if the equipment is not being used, should be turned off, achieves a reduction, on average, 10% to 30% in spending. A big company can save $ 250 million to improve the flow of air, maximizing air conditioning and optimizing the servers of the data center.

Another tip is to look carefully while configuring the servers. No matter what the processor is. If the power supply is more efficient, the company will save energy.

Data Center Services for Security and Improved performance

Data center services are designed and developed to deliver high performance to a server. These are high end IT services delivered from data center to a customer server. Different types of dedicated servers configuration are utilizing data centers services to produce high performance to their customers. Server maintenance and migration are easy. It is important that your server run 24/7 to deliver high customer traffic to your online business and data centers are capable to produce required back up power that a server can utilize to give uninterrupted performance.

Now a days data centers are following a green data center concept which is good for increasing server performance. Green data center is a concept designed in a strict management to utilize and recycle energy from every resources of data center services and deliver it to server for higher online business opportunities. This is a next level of data center where energy is saved and recycle for better server performance. Many large organizations always needs a higher server configuration and better availability to their online business.

To run large online businesses data center services work like a complete solution for generating higher traffic to their hosted web application. An individual can use security, reliability of data center to run secure web business for long time. A customer has total control over the server and can make the required changes on his dedicated server hosting at any point of time. For RAM upgrades or for any kind of changes in server configuration customer has to depend on his service provider.

Data centers are build over non seismic zone so your data is safe from any disasters. This infrastructure is secure, reliable for all types of online businesses. Data center services are the best solution that deliver higher availability and reliability to your web business.

Reduce Data Center Costs By Load Balancing

Cloud services are more in demand than ever. However, with the demand, the demands of bandwidth and performance of the systems in the fully managed data center is growing. The cloud service providers are trading actively and optimizing its data center infrastructure with load balancers for the future to decrease global failover.

Load Balancing with measurable return on investment is the motto of eNlight Cloud project. ESDS is an Indian based cloud service provider based in Maharashtra. The company specializes in cloud-based security and archiving solutions as well as the individual project and solution development of web-enabled applications.

For Indian customers, ESDS provides all hosting services exclusively in Indian data centers that are designed and highly redundant on a national failover feature concept. ESDS had set itself the goal of optimizing its data center connections fundamentally and to realize a global failover concept.

Global Balance

The Company Network was founded in 2009 and has established itself as a global provider of secure enterprise-wide application delivery and universal access solutions in the relevant markets. Especially in DR Services / Core Banking Services – as well as in application acceleration range, ESDS is a global market leader. More than 50,000 customers worldwide belonging to ESDS service providers, for e.g., government and vertical organizations in healthcare, banks, finance, insurance and personnel training, applications working with the solutions of the ESDS.


During the evaluation phase, ESDS prevailed over competitors. Main selection criteria for the customers here were the points administration, security, availability and ease of integration into the existing infrastructure and data center landscape. Likewise, the focus was on the cost-effectiveness of the solution.

In revising its load balancing and failover concept initially by the use of multiple application delivery controllers of networks remedy. They will in future take over the load distribution on the individual applications and locations, thus expanding the existing failover concept. It includes all existing and traditionally been individually managed data center solutions in a single system. These include:

  • L4 / 7 server load balancing,
  • Traffic Management,
  • Caching,
  • Compression,
  • SSL Acceleration,
  • Offloading,
  • Quality-of-Service (QoS),
  • Link Load Balancing (LLB)
  • GSLB and Attack detection.

Rapid SSL VPNs are therefore only part of the productivity suite. Because the overall efficiency of a network is the sum of the Managed Data Center Solutions used. To optimize the WAN traffic comes a combination of Layer 2 -7 and system-specific load balancing and global server load balancing and failover, link load balancing, SSL offload and acceleration, Layer 4 -7-safety sets, dynamic content routing , traffic shaping, TCP and Adaptive Compression – Dynamic and caching technologies used.

Disaster Recovery Control and WAN Infrastructure & Cost Control

With global server, site, and link load balancing are integrated by the nodes and services continuously monitors and distributes the loads in the composite. In case of excessive line or system utilization of the link will be removed from the supply and distributes the traffic to the other free systems.

Through SSL offloading the server load of the affected systems is reduced and their utilization minimized. By now the gateway held TCP and HTTP handshake is the WAN connection with more capacity. At the same time through cache – and compression methods are not required and not required redundant data within the LAN again, and optimized for the WAN route transfer, which makes the internal and external bandwidth required for data more usable and thus ensures additional capacity.

Application optimization

The Network not only increase the availability, but also the speed and security of all applications. In addition, it is able to reduce server load many times according to own data.


ESDS Networks has proven itself in practical use of Technologies. Here have convinced especially the density of the integrated method and the direct cost savings achieved by reducing internal server systems. The result is a significant increase in efficiency of existing systems, applications and services, a reduction in the hardware and software costs and an equally significant increase in the availability, security and performance of applications and services. Through the acquisition of SSL termination on the load balancer and the possibilities of the Adaptive Compression and Dynamic caching method of bandwidth also could be optimized and the internal server load could be reduced by a multiple times.

Data Center Facilities From ESDS

Our ultramodern Data Center facility maintains and protects your mission-critical data, systems and applications, enabling you to reduce operating costs, lower the downtime risks, allowing you to focus on your core competencies and achieve your top business objectives. At ESDS, we offer the most comprehensive and feature rich solutions at the best possible prices and no hidden costs whatsoever.

As a prospective customer, you get the power and flexibility to choose the level of managed services that best fit your business needs. You can select from a wide range of managed services, including the Managed Dedicated Servers, Co-location facilities, Server Cluster solutions, Server Mirroring, Cloud Computing and Grid Computing.

In addition to the wide array of services mentioned, one of our unique attribute is offering turn-key solutions for custom hosting requirements, ranging from small businesses to the largest enterprise. To meet your specific business needs, we meticulously plan, review, and test the solution before the actual deployment, thus guaranteeing high-quality custom-built server architectures and clusters with outstanding power and performance. So, when you are looking for customized hosting solutions, ESDS can be your ideal solutions partner. You can count on us to deliver a customized solution that matches your exact requirements.

ESDS gives you the power to choose the best possible combination of technology, infrastructure, and solutions you need to compete more effectively and successfully grow your business. We invest heavily in hardware, facilities, and man-power to ensure that your web presence is maintained 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

Key Differentiators


We pride in catering to the requirements of a very wide genus of clientele, ranging from web hosting companies to application service providers, and from small businesses to enterprise-level clients, as we have them all aboard. Our fully-owned and managed network is deployed with the highest level of redundancy and security in mind, which allows us to offer our customers the best solution for their critical business needs.

Our on-site engineers have been trained rigorously at our in-house training facility, ensuring development of superior skill-sets in their core competencies. Our R&D team has constantly harnessed the power of Internet to develop a more reliable and secure system, and remains determined to deliver the most comprehensive and engaging online experience to its customers.


At ESDS, we strive to deliver services of exceptionally high standards by offering best-in-class connectivity, cutting edge technology, integrating the best datacenter infrastructure tools, and unparalleled round-the-clock support by highly-trained and experienced staff, required to maintain and enhance your online presence – 24 x 7. The infrastructure is equipped to handle any challenges your business may encounter and is robust enough for rapid expansion.

We understand the importance of your web presence and how critical it is for your devices to be online and accessible 24 x 7 x 365. With our consistent quality and personalized service, we ensure that you achieve your business goals without having to worry about your server management. ESDS has been patronized by domestic, as well as international blue-chip businesses equally, for its efficient and effective solutions.


All our services include 24 x 7 technical support and server monitoring. Assistance is available for the most basic server operations, to network troubleshooting or reboots requests, 24 x 7 via phone support, Live Text Chat Support, and HelpDesk Support. Our exclusive team of level-3 engineers can be contacted immediately should you require any urgent assistance. Our onsite Network Operations Center (NOC), consisting of highly-trained network engineers and technicians, is well staffed at all times allowing us to monitor the network for performance-related issues and proactively troubleshoot any potential issues.


All critical network infrastructure is monitored on a 60-second interval with our server and application monitoring system. Any potential issue with our network infrastructure is immediately escalated to the Data Center engineers. These systems track application availability, performance, and uptime. In addition to our sophisticated monitoring systems, we have a team of expert engineers monitoring the data centers 24-hours a day, ensuring that any conceivable issue with the infrastructure is prevented.

Server Hardware

Your websites/applications will be hosted on our high-speed ultra-reliable Dell servers, which are custom-configured for blazing connectivity. We use the latest Intel® Processors, ample RAM, and high-speed caching RAID controllers to ensure superior performance and unparalleled reliability.

Green Data Center: More Than a Marketing Action, a Need

Increased public awareness about the serious global damage caused by misuse of natural resources is a fact. The boomerang effect, in which man becomes a victim of his own actions, is already making a lot of people rethink on the way we treat the planet. The discussion is in the streets as well as at the summit decisions of various countries.

While many people aligned with key global issues like think green, we cannot close our eyes to marketing actions that suggest engagement when, in fact, there is no real change in behavior. Ie, they are not as green as they purport. To some extent, this also serves to information technology and communication industry.

Not just that, engineers look into projects to increase efficiency, consuming less energy. It is important that the consumer – be it individual or company – make a real option for products that harm the environment less and do not contribute to aggravate an issue even without clear definitions, at least in India: the technological waste.

Energy efficiency becomes the buzzword in IT. Considering the increase of information and the need to store, organize and access more and more data, there must be a control seriously contemplating the monitoring of energy use. In short-term, the company does not have its brand associated with actions for sustainable growth, the rational use of natural resources, respect for the environment and energy efficiency will be subject to being seen by the market as a usurper of the planet.

Makeup Green leaves with water, does not hold. It takes companies to effectively take an environmentally responsible behavior. An effective and which is gaining more and more fans are outsourcing tier 3 green data centers in India. Generally, gains related to the reduction of energy, space and human resources have caused many companies to consider this strategy that fits in environmental responsibility.

Delegate the task to a data storage company specializing in energy efficient and niche market can be regarded as a decision more structured and aligned with the major global issues of today. But we cannot forget that, through the adaptation of servers, virtualization technologies and new equipment to ensure operation and cooling of machines, it is also possible to reduce 20% of energy consumption in enterprises. In practice, it’s like If we turned down a five racks in a data center.