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Dedicated Server Hosting Advantages And Its Types

The dedicated hosting server is exclusively used by a single user for online project. Their advantages and disadvantages are almost opposite to those discussed on shared hosting:

Advantages :

  • They are the stewards of the machine. They can connect via the Internet just as if we had it in our office: We may install applications and move windows, change the settings.
  • Increased security because no one else uses the server.
  • There is no limitation on the resources that we can use except those imposed by the hardware of our choice.

Disadvantages :

  • It costs more than shared hosting, but if the data transfer will be very high because of large number of visits, could go even cheaper than paying the extra money for the use of resources on shared hosting.
  • The server could be managed by us. This can become a problem if we want the power of a dedicated server but do not have sufficient knowledge of administration. It may therefore be important to hire a service provider who inspire us confidence and management service that provides server at extra cost. That way if we have a problem we know we cannot always resolve the problems.

Types of dedicated servers

The dedicated servers are differentiated by the hardware they include. When choosing a server, the three main criteria that must address are:

  • Brand Computer or Clone
  • IDE or SCSI hard disk. Possibility of mirrored hard drives with RAID
  • Amount of RAM, amount of hard disk space and one or two processors

Let us see in detail each of these three criteria.

Branded computers against clonic

A clone computer can be a good choice for work or desktop computer for its price / quality ratio, but an Internet server is very different. An Internet server is used for hosting (web hosting, databases, email, etc.) is a team that is under strong activity and have to endure:

  • Staying connected 24 hours a day throughout the year.
  • Peaks of activity depending on the time of day.
  • Strong disk accesses if you have applications with databases.
  • CPU intensive if you have a mail server or dynamic web applications.

But mostly, a web server must have a reliable team, a team that:

  • It has passed a thorough quality control in order to prevent the escape of defectives whose problems can manifest being in production
  • Do not hang unexplained because drivers are not released enough or because its hardware is not fully compatible
  • It is 100% compatible with most popular operating systems for servers: Windows and Linux.

Therefore, and in order to avoid further problems, we strongly recommend choosing branded Dedicated Servers rather than clones. Your monthly cost is slightly higher but less than it may seem at first glance.

Keep in mind that in the monthly cost of a dedicated server is influenced by many factors that are the same regardless of the server model: The power consumption, data transfer, occupation of space in the data center that is housed , etc.

Therefore, even assuming that the branded machine is far more expensive and its impact on monthly cost which would not be so high as it might seem at first sight

IDE or SCSI hard disk. Mirrored hard drives with RAID

IDE hard drives are standard for desktop computers. SCSI hard disks are controlled by a special chip, which means that when disk accesses are performed, the CPU does not have to work.

The result is that computers with SCSI have a much higher performance disk accesses without overloading the CPU of the machine

Internet servers are often characterized by a large number of accesses, proportional to the number of visits to the website have simultaneous disk. Therefore it is recommended to choose a Dedicated Server with SCSI. The SCSI is interesting improved hardware for an Internet server.

RAID is a hardware-based system that allows synchronization of two hard drives. The operating system sees only one disk, however RAID internally maintains synchronized data. If one of them were ruined, the server still work with the other, throwing both a warning to the server administrator.

RAID is a hardware improvement recommended for critical applications where it is imporant to ensure that they are always running

Amount of RAM, hard drive and one or two processors

The three hardware resources are quantitative RAM, hard disk space and the possibility of including a second processor in the machine.

Normally servers come with a standard size of RAM and hard disk, making it possible to choose both extras and a second processor. The desirability of increasing these resources depends on the use to which it will give to the server, ie, applications that run on it.

In general, it is desirable to increase the RAM for complex web applications, especially if they are developed in Java.

The hard disk space may be necessary to increase if you have databases that can grow a lot or a mail server with many users as mailboxes tend to consume disk space increased due to the accompanying messages.

Regarding the second processor, it is very useful in applications where the limit is given by the processing power, such as databases or mail.

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The Future of Hosting and Outsourcing Dedicated Servers

The videos on the Google data center (on YouTube) are very impressive. Now set up a data center optimized demand huge investment. It is not just the management of air conditioning or electricity, it is the water treatment, the fluid mechanics of the low voltage electrical transformation and so on.

The major players in cloud computing as Google, Amazon and ESDS are investing enormous technical and financial resources in these optimizations, creating at the same time a barrier to entry for existing players of accommodation.

At the same time, packaging and server virtualization challenges a part of outsourcing is necessary for the proper functioning of a system. These findings is not good for hosting midsize selling packages: + server outsourcing. Because the economic level, the rental of these dedicated hosting servers will become increasingly more expensive compared to a massively distributed hosting (especially due to the fact that only the actual usage is charged). And facilities management, the centralization, standardization framework and management of virtual machines are that this will become trivial in the overall cost.

So of course, it only affects that part of the application hosting (especially those who have a web front end) and it will always remain special needs (colocation, private bays, private application, etc. ..). It also remains the innovative hosting or very good advisers, or even good business. But I think a new deal happens in this area. So we have that the current players are finding new ways to create value, to keep their customers (even if by definition they are captives ).

During the first decade of actors and methods have evolved a lot, but we’ll get into a phase of rapid consolidation and some players will have to be agile in order to properly re-position their hosting / outsourcing deals.

And on your side, your applications in 3/5 years, you have an idea .. via a web host on your own servers in the clouds for small business …


Companies that have access to a dedicated server, get a number of advantages over the standard offerings. Despite the higher cost of the service, an increasing number of organizations consider the best to spend the money on something to rent a dedicated server.

If you delve into the details, a dedicated server is called a physical machine, the capacity of which is used for optimal storage of databases, websites and other information that may be the property of the owner – the server administrator or subject to rent a server.

The cost of renting dedicated server, usually above other proposals for internet hosting, but the resulting benefits are really worth the investment. Dedicated Server in India comes with reliability and stable operation – they are no longer preventive downtime, like hosting providers. Given that the inability to go to the page favorite online store will turn away a lot of customers, the owner will suffer huge losses. And could easily avoid this by placing the information on a separate physical machine.

Another problem frequently encountered by businesses using the Internet from a web hosting provider is the so-called “freeze” or a big “ping” that repulsive effect on users of the resource. Dedicated server provides job flawlessly, providing a fast transition between pages and maintaining the stable operation of the portal. Such features of a dedicated server are indispensable for the implementation of specific projects, as well as allow you to install any software and have a stable income.

Managed Dedicated Server: What You Need to Know

The first thing that you must consider when choosing a managed dedicated server is to verify that the management server, both in hardware and in software, is completely entrusted by the provider.

Most of the providers who work in the field of managed services, offer full managed dedicated server hosting solutions, interventions that involve upgrades or updates. This means that the performance of the servers are always kept at a high level, since the technical staff continuously acts on the configuration of the system is at the software level, both at the hardware level, to ensure its scalability.

When you receive too many emails, for example, or you have a lot of data recorded, with a fully-managed service the customer will never have the desire to reach saturation. Many providers that are, in fact, apply a system of monitoring the state of the server and act on it in case of need. When the service is cheaper, it is called managed in very different sense: in most cases the provider monitors the server performs updates of the operating system, but does little else, as rightly indicated also by the lower price of the solution.

In addition, some providers provide, at the request of the client, the installation of additional components and software. Services that are not fully managed, do not offer this type of service, and could not offer them due to the fact that only one hour of work on the machine has basically the same cost of the monthly rent.

The appearance of some of the most important concerns having to evaluate the assistance provided. The providers generally offer 24 hours 7 days a week assistance, ensuring timely intervention in case of any problem. Assistance is generally provided either via ticket either by direct telephone contact. Managed dedicated servers at low prices certainly cannot guarantee continuous assistance. In these cases need to be aware that the monitoring is automatic and certainly not proactive: that there will be people for the deterioration of performance, monitor the server to verify operation.

There is an offer that is correct, the aim of our article is merely to warn our readers with less experience, in order to clarify them as a managed service lowcost can give certain guarantees not included in the price and how it is necessary to distinguish Instead, high-end services, usually where there is a detail of the transactions carried out on behalf of the client.

SSL Certificates on Dedicated Server Hosting

Among all the web hosting packages available to host your website, dedicated servers are considered to be the most secured. There are many reasons for this altogether, however, yet, only some of them are considered in this article.

When you consider dedicated server hosting in India as an option for hosting your websites and applications, you are confident enough and know the benefits of hosting the websites and applications on the server. The most propitious feature offered with the Dedicated Servers is the absolute availability of the server resources for your websites and applications which literally increases your confidence as the performance and availability of the websites is affected in a positive manner. Though, the resources of the dedicated server can be utilized by other websites which does not belong to you, however, this is only possible if you allow other websites to be hosted on your dedicated server.

Along with the resources available, the other benefit offered with dedicated server hosting is the complete access provided to you which permits you to install the applications you may need. This functionality may be provided with another hosting package or server, however, the feature of getting root access with the Dedicated Server Hosting is the best among all the hosting packages available.

As root access is provided and only the websites and applications you desire to have on the server can be hosted, dedicated servers are taken as the most secured web hosting solution available, however, if you are looking to host business websites using Dedicated Web Hosting, you will have to consider SSL certificates.

What is SSL certificate ?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is actually a protocol which is used to provide security for data transfer over the world wide web. These protocols are used for websites which need secure communication over the internet. It is necessary for the business websites to install SSL certificates as SSL certificates provide security which is essential for business websites as they have to accept payments from various sources on the internet. If in case, there is a problem in the SSL certificate installed on the website, this can create serious issues for the website owner as he can suffer financial losses because of the fault in the certificate.

Importance :

Though, it is not necessary to consider Dedicated Web Hosting only because you need SSL certificates installed on your business website as they can be installed on other web hosting packages also, considering dedicated servers for your business websites can give you a lot of benefits.

SSL certificates are not difficult to install, however, if you consider another hosting package which is not offered with root access, it may be a bit difficult. When it comes to dedicated server hosting, root access is provided which makes it easier for you to install the SSL certificates. Another benefit is the security of the dedicated server combined with the security provided with the SSL certificates. Dedicated web hosting is considered to be the most secured hosting solution available and if the SSL certificates are installed on the websites hosted on dedicated servers, it will add up to the security of the server and the websites.