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The DNS protocol is the cornerstone of Internet communications

Currently trade and communication between people and organizations use the Internet as a fundamental support and in turn the Internet depends on a protocol called DNS (domain name system). Each Web transaction initiated performs a DNS query to know the IP address of the machine that hosts the domain that you want to access. If the database of a DNS server is handled by deceit, a hacker could block any of the services offered by Internet. Web applications such as eCommerce, SaaS, social networks and even email rely on DNS.

Although operators and internet service providers invest in tools to mitigate threats, the DNS infrastructure are vulnerable and are under increased increasingly sophisticated attacks.

Many organizations have established elaborated systems of defense in depth or antivirus software layers that combine traditional firewalls, systems security information and event management (SIEM) and other techniques to protect their infrastructures. However, most of them have little or no specific protection for DNS.

To be safe from growing DNS-based attacks, a new solution we have called Firewall DNS has appeared in the security market. As you see, we are witnessing a specialization in security technology to protect the information from Internet threats. A general purpose firewalls that filter traffic globally, were subsequently joined the IPS, the Web Application Firewall to inspect the http and https protocols; and now the DNS Firewall (monitored port 53). This protects the DNS servers in two ways

From the inside out: Prevents data loss and data theft by blocking queries to DNS servers and communication infected with botnets.
From outside to inside: Mitigates DoS attacks illegitimate blocking traffic to the DNS server. Perform automatic recognition of threats, attacks discovered patterns to discriminate legitimate traffic from malicious users.
For protection at the corporate level, there are a couple of solutions that are in the market for specific safety protection of DNS.

But not only the hardware manufacturers are working to protect the DNS service, but the software community has been doing so for some time improving the protocol extensions using DNSSEC, which facilitate authentication of data sent between the client and the server DNS.

And continuing in the field of software initiative OpenDNS with your tool DNSCrypt provide encryption of DNS traffic between the user’s computer and the DNS server.

Whether DNSSEC implementations, as OpenDNS, it is necessary that the DNS server and client support these tools; making it work in the IT department set up communications to consult public DNS servers that have this functionality, install the necessary software capable of performing the secure DNS queries.


Things We Know About The iPhone 6 And We Believe To Be True


We selected a couple of rumors that have the potential to happen. The Apple device will be launched on September 9 with new processor, improved TouchID; new lenses and NFC.

If all the speculation – including ours – are true, the iPhone 6, Apple’s new smartphone, will be released on September 9, the date that Apple has in store for a big meeting with the media, full of new features.

The closer the date, the higher the speed and the accuracy of the rumors about the features of the device. This does not mean that everything is true, but separated for you a couple of things heard this week and have the potential to be true.

Release day 9/09; Order 19/09

This week we heard that Apple will announce the new iPhone at a special event scheduled for September 9. Devices (remembering that may be more than one) will hit the stores soon after, possibly on September 19. There are rumors that the model with 5.5 inch screen just go hit the stores around October. You wait and see.

Face iPad mini

The new iPhone 6 “is more like a small mini iPad than an iPhone 5S.” That’s because it has a display that covers its entire service area, edge to edge, to maximize the available screen space. The report also says that the iPhone 6 will have its rounded edges, such as the iPad mini. The result? A large screen without added bulk.

Screen and Buttons

What images are abound on the internet claiming to be secret details of the new iPhone. One of the most popular this week indicates that we can expect the indented volume buttons (more inside the structure) and an Apple logo scratch resistant. Adds to them the information that the phone will be a sapphire, even more resistant screen.

Near Field Communications

The technology of data exchange approach (Near Field Communication, or NFC) pod ceased to gain traction in some scenarios, but still a very good solution for contactless payment systems. With this at hand, the site VentureBeat ensures that the iPhone 6 will have an NFC chip by NXP designed and created to support future payment services.

A8 Processor

The dual core 2.0 GHz processor, A8, will be much more competent to handle intensive tasks of images (the processor is a 1.3GHz chip-per-core). These highly fast devices should also have support for Wi-Fi 802.11ac

Improved LTE

One article states that the new device will offer LTE support perfected, delivering a maximum transfer speed of 300 megabits per second. This will be especially useful to the extent that operators move to voice over LTE, expected change in the next 12 months.


Apple has worked to improve the TouchID. It will debut a new generation of iPad and its new version should be faster and more accurate reading. Here we have big surprises, in that the resource will be increasingly important in the new payment services.

Earn extra battery life

There are those who say that the new iPhone will have a 2,100mAh battery, which would be a vast improvement over the current battery 1,560mAh. The control on the hardware and the operating system allows its devices to use energy efficiently. Meanwhile, try to figure out which apps work like drains battery (someone said on Facebook).


This is on us. We enjoyed the Optrix PhotoProX lens on iPhones system because they allow you to use an external set of additional lenses for better images. Apple has a patent for a similar system. We learned this week that the lens of the iPhone 6 are slightly protruding out of the body – is that Apple and other companies will offer lens kits to fit safely make them?

Article by: Pravin, SME at ESDS Software Solution Private Limited