Data Center Facilities From ESDS

Our ultramodern Data Center facility maintains and protects your mission-critical data, systems and applications, enabling you to reduce operating costs, lower the downtime risks, allowing you to focus on your core competencies and achieve your top business objectives. At ESDS, we offer the most comprehensive and feature rich solutions at the best possible prices and no hidden costs whatsoever.

As a prospective customer, you get the power and flexibility to choose the level of managed services that best fit your business needs. You can select from a wide range of managed services, including the Managed Dedicated Servers, Co-location facilities, Server Cluster solutions, Server Mirroring, Cloud Computing and Grid Computing.

In addition to the wide array of services mentioned, one of our unique attribute is offering turn-key solutions for custom hosting requirements, ranging from small businesses to the largest enterprise. To meet your specific business needs, we meticulously plan, review, and test the solution before the actual deployment, thus guaranteeing high-quality custom-built server architectures and clusters with outstanding power and performance. So, when you are looking for customized hosting solutions, ESDS can be your ideal solutions partner. You can count on us to deliver a customized solution that matches your exact requirements.

ESDS gives you the power to choose the best possible combination of technology, infrastructure, and solutions you need to compete more effectively and successfully grow your business. We invest heavily in hardware, facilities, and man-power to ensure that your web presence is maintained 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

Key Differentiators


We pride in catering to the requirements of a very wide genus of clientele, ranging from web hosting companies to application service providers, and from small businesses to enterprise-level clients, as we have them all aboard. Our fully-owned and managed network is deployed with the highest level of redundancy and security in mind, which allows us to offer our customers the best solution for their critical business needs.

Our on-site engineers have been trained rigorously at our in-house training facility, ensuring development of superior skill-sets in their core competencies. Our R&D team has constantly harnessed the power of Internet to develop a more reliable and secure system, and remains determined to deliver the most comprehensive and engaging online experience to its customers.


At ESDS, we strive to deliver services of exceptionally high standards by offering best-in-class connectivity, cutting edge technology, integrating the best datacenter infrastructure tools, and unparalleled round-the-clock support by highly-trained and experienced staff, required to maintain and enhance your online presence – 24 x 7. The infrastructure is equipped to handle any challenges your business may encounter and is robust enough for rapid expansion.

We understand the importance of your web presence and how critical it is for your devices to be online and accessible 24 x 7 x 365. With our consistent quality and personalized service, we ensure that you achieve your business goals without having to worry about your server management. ESDS has been patronized by domestic, as well as international blue-chip businesses equally, for its efficient and effective solutions.


All our services include 24 x 7 technical support and server monitoring. Assistance is available for the most basic server operations, to network troubleshooting or reboots requests, 24 x 7 via phone support, Live Text Chat Support, and HelpDesk Support. Our exclusive team of level-3 engineers can be contacted immediately should you require any urgent assistance. Our onsite Network Operations Center (NOC), consisting of highly-trained network engineers and technicians, is well staffed at all times allowing us to monitor the network for performance-related issues and proactively troubleshoot any potential issues.


All critical network infrastructure is monitored on a 60-second interval with our server and application monitoring system. Any potential issue with our network infrastructure is immediately escalated to the Data Center engineers. These systems track application availability, performance, and uptime. In addition to our sophisticated monitoring systems, we have a team of expert engineers monitoring the data centers 24-hours a day, ensuring that any conceivable issue with the infrastructure is prevented.

Server Hardware

Your websites/applications will be hosted on our high-speed ultra-reliable Dell servers, which are custom-configured for blazing connectivity. We use the latest Intel® Processors, ample RAM, and high-speed caching RAID controllers to ensure superior performance and unparalleled reliability.

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