Four Steps to Optimize a Data Center

Data Center Services

Consolidate and optimize data center is one of the recipes to reduce costs. Here are some strategies that can produce fast results.

1. Improve the Level of the Data center

The data centers that have a higher rating level are more efficient in terms of energy consumption and operation, so it’s worth betting on improving the quality of equipment and facilities. If the subcontract is, well evaluate the cost differences between Tier 3 data centers and Tier 4 data centers and confirm that justify the investment.

2. Commit Transactions

If your servers are spread across multiple data centers (even if small) consider the merger in one or two places. This may be a way to reduce costs between 20 to 60% and at the same time earn an eco-label, reducing the carbon footprint of the organization.

3. Consider the Replacement of Equipment

The new generation of servers takes up less space, consume less power and require less cooling effort, so they are more efficient. There will be worth thinking about replacing all the machines at once, but when you need to increase capacity, or replace damaged equipment, opt for more optimized.

4. Choose the Area of Implementation

The price per square meter, communications and human resources can weigh invoice of total data center. Maybe it’s not worth installing such infrastructure in the prime area of the city and can be relocated to smaller cities, also creating a positive effect of boosting the local economy.

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