Frequently Asked Questions about DMOZ

If your website is in the Open Directory Project (ODP, DMOZ), then this is a very important step to successful website promotion in search engines, especially Google! But the newcomers have many questions such as what kind of directory is DMOZ? How to correctly add your website? Which websites are tested and added to the directory? I have tried to answer these and other questions related to one of the most important online directory.

What is the Open Directory Project?

Open Directory Project, better known as DMOZ, is probably only the highest quality and authoritative directory on the web. Adding websites to the directory is free. All websites are considered by moderators (editors), working on a voluntary basis.

In each category, subcategory, etc. has its own moderator. The number of categories is striking. In this directory, each of you will find the most appropriate website subject category. Also, do not be amiss to say that this directory covers the majority of those present on the Internet.

Why DMOZ is the most authoritative online directory?

DMOZ directory is vital for several reasons. The directory websites are on the “special” account with Google, because DMOZ is moderated by hand, and, accordingly, very high-quality directory.

Inclusion in DMOZ directory is the only way to get into the Google Directory. Most of the smaller search engines and directories use the DMOZ directory lists websites as their “foundation”. As a result, the link popularity of websites included in the directory DMOZ is very high.

Is DMOZ directory different from search engines?

Open Directory Project, as the name implies, is an online directory. Another difference is that the websites are made to this directory, pass a rigorous test, following which it becomes clear to your website is listed in the directory or not.

There is no other way to get into DMOZ, except on the basis of rigorous testing website directory editor. In contrast to DMOZ, the search engines process to index the website automatically.

From which website is a directory?

Open Directory Project contains nearly 600,000 categories and subcategories. There will be a place for almost every website or blog, it is unique and useful for its targeted audience. Large numbers of websites are not accepted into the directory because of the fact that they do not contain unique content. Websites affiliates also very often find themselves “outside” for the same reason.

How do I get to make my website to the DMOZ directory?

First you need to add the website to the DMOZ directory. To do this, first you must go to the DMOZ and choose the most appropriate category for your website category. After selecting a category, go to it and press the Add URL. Read all instructions very carefully. These instructions are the requirements to be observed.

Remember to add only the home page and only one category of the directory. Adding a series of pages or multiple addition of the same page of the website will be treated as spam and your website is immediately dismissed.

Can I add a blog to directory?

Because Blogs are a special type of dynamic Web websites, then, of course, they are eligible for inclusion in DMOZ directory. The directory even has a special category, which is only added for blogs.

Very often you can find blogs in other categories of the directory along with the usual web websites, and there is nothing unusual.

Who determines the future of website: will or will not include in the DMOZ directory?

DMOZ – Manually edited and moderated online directory. Each category, subcategory, etc. has its own editor. When a website is added to that sub-category, where there is no editor, review editor of the website deals with a category that is higher in the hierarchy.

Whether the website is included in the directory or not depends on the uniqueness and usefulness of its content.

I have heard that some editors are biased, dishonest and unfair. Is this true?

The vast majority of editors of DMOZ is devoted to their occupation. They are working to create the largest and highest quality online directory. Even if there are such biased editors, they can be counted on the fingers. Editors of the most important category in the hierarchy of good faith are working on quality control to add websites.

But, of course, like any other human activity, the editors are not ruled out flaws and mistakes. Biased, unfair and unjust editors or corrected, or deprived from official powers once and for all!

How to choose the most appropriate category for my website?

The most appropriate would be to check the different categories and sub-directory. In doing so, you’ll find most relevant category for your website. As I said above, the directory contains a truly huge number of categories, subcategories, and so on. Be very careful when choosing a category, as choice goes incorrect or not relevant to your website categories can lead either to a long period waiting for the check result, if any, in the rejection of your website a. Better to spend a little more time on the “deep” search than later to get a lot of problems.

You must add your website only in the most appropriate category and only once! One way to verify the correctness of your choice is “deep” study of the directory. If you see a category you find websites of your direct competitors, the category is selected correctly, but if you do not get it, keep searching!

How to properly make a description of your website?

The website description should be written as objectively as possible. Imagine that you are a visitor of your website, write about the website so as to write about it as a potential visitor.

Objective description of your website has virtually no chance of being rejected or corrected. Also, your description should not consist only of keywords; it will help your website to get into the list of directory websites much faster.

How long should I wait for test results for my website?

On Time, website in the directory may vary both in large and in the smaller side, depending on various factors. Usually the waiting period varies from several days to several months and possibly up to a year. But the average term of a couple of months.

Will I receive notification from the editors after checking my website?

Editors do not notify website owners about their decision. The reason is banal protection against spammers, who learned to the negative test result will immediately attempt to add the website again and again.

Should I add my website to several categories of the directory to be sure that will approve at least one of them?

In any case, do not make this common mistake. Not only your website will not be accepted by any of the categories you listed, but your website may get banned. Let the waiting period be long, but you are obliged to wait. A number of categories of the directory do not have its editors, so going to all the websites is very difficult for an editor of the highest category in the hierarchy.

Selecting the most appropriate website category will make you sure that your website is not rejected because of wrong choice of category.

Name the most basic reasons why the editors might reject my website?

There are several reasons why the editors have the right to reject your website. The following is the most basic of them:

Choosing wrong category for your website.
You’ve added a website that is not eligible for inclusion in this directory for any reason.
Website in terrible state (terrible appearance of the website, absence of a unique and useful content to target visitors, the availability of pages with the words under construction, under development).
SPAM: adding the same website again and again.

How can I contact the editor?

Contact the editors can be done by following the link “Contact Us” (such a link is present in every editor). Make sure that you are in his report pointed out the exact date of adding the website and the exact category. They require the information from you. They need to make sure that you have added the website in relation to its subject category, as well as the fact that you have given sufficient time to editors to decide.

How do I know the current status of verification of my website?

I believe that the best way to ask this question on the DMOZ forum.

To read the messages posted in the forum, you will not need to register. But if you are going to join the discussion, then registration is required. Again, do not ignore the forum rules. You specify the date of adding the website, the category you choose, as well as coordinate the editor of category.

While you read a forum, or to ask something else, the moderators will try as quickly as possible solve your problem. Despite the fact that the exact date of adding your website to the directory, they can not communicate, they will tell you whether you’ve selected a category for your website or not.

Can I change website description my or category?

To be able to make changes to the description, or select a different category, you should be on the DMOZ website directory, click on Update URL. Next, fill out the form below. Clearly observe the imposed regulations and requirements.

If you feel that your website was added to the inappropriate category, then simply contact one of the editors of that category and explain the situation. Politely ask the editor to move your website from one category to another, charging good reasons for this. But remember that the changes in the DMOZ directory are very slow.

What is a regional list?

Regional list is for only those firms and companies that operate in a particular region. When adding a website in the regional list, make sure that your website has listed physical address of the firm or company. This address should be noticeable while browsing the website. Typically, this address should be on every page of your website. Just make sure that the address can be seen without any effort.

If the website represents a company engaged in big business in a particular region, then it has every right to be listed in the regional list of DMOZ directory.

How do I make my website meet the most relevant requirements of the DMOZ directory?

First, make sure that your website is not empty, unfinished or with the inscription “under construction” or “under development”. This is due to the fact that if the editors during the inspection of your website stumble on these pages, then they will not add the website to the directory. So do not tempt fate. Remove all these pages from your website and only after that add the website to the DMOZ directory!

Is it true that a professional looking website has a better chance of adding to the directory?

First check the website for typos and errors. Of course, those individual errors do not affect the final decision of the editors.

Remember that websites created soundly and professionally, are more likely to be listed to the DMOZ directory

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