Google’s Tips to Increase the Energy Efficiency of Data Centers

The data centers where information is stored in the cloud are large facilities where the wastes of energy and resources consumptions are high. Here are some steps by Google to increase the energy efficiency of these data centers with ecological measures, which mainly have to do with the cooling of the servers.

The second conference of efficiency in data centers, hosted by Google in Zurich, Switzerland, brought together more than 150 professionals to focus the discussion of energy conservation.

The substantial increases are getting the services in the cloud leads to greater use of data centers, where information is stored. For a better and more efficient use of these facilities Google has provided simple five steps.

1. Measure PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness)

When you are unable to manage what is not measured, so it is necessary to know the efficiency of the data center. It is important to measure levels frequently. Google gives the example within a second. There are seasonal variations.

2. Manage Airflow

The air flow management is essential for efficiency in a data centre. One can minimize mixing of hot and cold air to a suitable container design. It is necessary to eliminate hot spots.

3. Adjust the Thermostat

Raise the temperature of the cold corridor section. Most manufacturers allow you to reach up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (about 26.7 degrees). Eventually this energy saves greenery.

4. Use Free Cooling

The “Free Cooling” is a cooling technique that removes heat from the facilities without using chillers. This is done using the ambient air, when temperature is low the water evaporates. The coolers are the most energy-intensive resources when it comes to controlling heat levels.

5. Optimize Energy Distribution

It’s a good option to try to minimize energy losses by eliminating the more conversion steps as possible. One of the biggest holes in the data center with regard to energy distribution of the UPS comes from continuous energy supply. You must specify a highly efficient model.

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