Green Data Center: More Than a Marketing Action, a Need

Increased public awareness about the serious global damage caused by misuse of natural resources is a fact. The boomerang effect, in which man becomes a victim of his own actions, is already making a lot of people rethink on the way we treat the planet. The discussion is in the streets as well as at the summit decisions of various countries.

While many people aligned with key global issues like think green, we cannot close our eyes to marketing actions that suggest engagement when, in fact, there is no real change in behavior. Ie, they are not as green as they purport. To some extent, this also serves to information technology and communication industry.

Not just that, engineers look into projects to increase efficiency, consuming less energy. It is important that the consumer – be it individual or company – make a real option for products that harm the environment less and do not contribute to aggravate an issue even without clear definitions, at least in India: the technological waste.

Energy efficiency becomes the buzzword in IT. Considering the increase of information and the need to store, organize and access more and more data, there must be a control seriously contemplating the monitoring of energy use. In short-term, the company does not have its brand associated with actions for sustainable growth, the rational use of natural resources, respect for the environment and energy efficiency will be subject to being seen by the market as a usurper of the planet.

Makeup Green leaves with water, does not hold. It takes companies to effectively take an environmentally responsible behavior. An effective and which is gaining more and more fans are outsourcing tier 3 green data centers in India. Generally, gains related to the reduction of energy, space and human resources have caused many companies to consider this strategy that fits in environmental responsibility.

Delegate the task to a data storage company specializing in energy efficient and niche market can be regarded as a decision more structured and aligned with the major global issues of today. But we cannot forget that, through the adaptation of servers, virtualization technologies and new equipment to ensure operation and cooling of machines, it is also possible to reduce 20% of energy consumption in enterprises. In practice, it’s like If we turned down a five racks in a data center.

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