How the Human Factor can affect the Data Center Management?

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Robert Tozer notes that, since all the DPCs will fall at some point, it is important to have a culture of learning. During an event, Mr. Robert Tozer, focused on how the human factor can affect the data center management.

According to figures from Uptime Institute, 75% of data center failures are due to human error. Mr. Tozer attributed this high percentage to that after a while, “we become complacent.” Fortunately, said the manager, in recent years there has been recognition that “human error is a matter to be looked at more closely.”

“The key is not to think that the data center is not going to fall, but what will you do when you fall. Because sooner or later, the data center will be a failure, even a Tier IV,” Mr. Tozer said. “According to some studies, over a period of between 12 and 24 years will be a disaster.”

To minimize the impact of human factors on the data center management, the manager proposes a learning culture, which should be based on four stages: reflection, theoretical, and practical learning experience.

“The problem is that this process applied to the world of the data center, is carried out by different people. The reflection portion corresponds to business theory to the design consultants, contractors practice and experience operators. And this allows us to learn together, “he said.

According to Mr. Robert Tozer, the depth of the experience of the operator can be strengthened through effective and relevant training, improving motivation and retention and therefore reduce the risk of failure.

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