Managed Dedicated Server: What You Need to Know

The first thing that you must consider when choosing a managed dedicated server is to verify that the management server, both in hardware and in software, is completely entrusted by the provider.

Most of the providers who work in the field of managed services, offer full managed dedicated server hosting solutions, interventions that involve upgrades or updates. This means that the performance of the servers are always kept at a high level, since the technical staff continuously acts on the configuration of the system is at the software level, both at the hardware level, to ensure its scalability.

When you receive too many emails, for example, or you have a lot of data recorded, with a fully-managed service the customer will never have the desire to reach saturation. Many providers that are, in fact, apply a system of monitoring the state of the server and act on it in case of need. When the service is cheaper, it is called managed in very different sense: in most cases the provider monitors the server performs updates of the operating system, but does little else, as rightly indicated also by the lower price of the solution.

In addition, some providers provide, at the request of the client, the installation of additional components and software. Services that are not fully managed, do not offer this type of service, and could not offer them due to the fact that only one hour of work on the machine has basically the same cost of the monthly rent.

The appearance of some of the most important concerns having to evaluate the assistance provided. The providers generally offer 24 hours 7 days a week assistance, ensuring timely intervention in case of any problem. Assistance is generally provided either via ticket either by direct telephone contact. Managed dedicated servers at low prices certainly cannot guarantee continuous assistance. In these cases need to be aware that the monitoring is automatic and certainly not proactive: that there will be people for the deterioration of performance, monitor the server to verify operation.

There is an offer that is correct, the aim of our article is merely to warn our readers with less experience, in order to clarify them as a managed service lowcost can give certain guarantees not included in the price and how it is necessary to distinguish Instead, high-end services, usually where there is a detail of the transactions carried out on behalf of the client.

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