Need of windows VPS Hosting

A better hosting solution developed to overcome the drawbacks of shared hosting yet affordable than dedicated server hosting is VPS hosting. Virtual private servers are available in windows and Linux web hosting platforms. VPS hosting is affordable and secure hosting solution for many medium, small sized and sometimes large businesses.

1. What is VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. In virtual private server a physical server is divided into multiple server partitions and each is assigned to different customers for hosting their website(s). This is advantageous because each virtual server possess features of dedicated server.

2. Why would I use Windows VPS hosting?

Windows VPS hosting offers the best of both by allowing individuals to have a private server without incurring the high costs as that of a dedicated server. A total control over assigned virtual server helps to improve security and availability of your web business. Traffic at neighbor’s website does not make any kind of effects over your hosted account.

3. How many websites can I have with VPS hosting service?

Windows VPS hosting allows you to run as many websites on your server as you can manage. Different VPS hosting packages are configured with different amounts of space so its better to first check and then finalize the package. Though most of the reputed web hosts would offer flexible upgrade options. It is better to get things cleared before you finalize upon a hosting provider.

4. What programs can I install on my VPS?

You are the administrator of your own server and therefore you can install any program on your virtual server.

Windows VPS hosting offers great compatibility and flexibility with any Microsoft web development environment tools and software. So its better to utilize all windows VPS features for secure and affordable website hosting.

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