The Future of Hosting and Outsourcing Dedicated Servers

The videos on the Google data center (on YouTube) are very impressive. Now set up a data center optimized demand huge investment. It is not just the management of air conditioning or electricity, it is the water treatment, the fluid mechanics of the low voltage electrical transformation and so on.

The major players in cloud computing as Google, Amazon and ESDS are investing enormous technical and financial resources in these optimizations, creating at the same time a barrier to entry for existing players of accommodation.

At the same time, packaging and server virtualization challenges a part of outsourcing is necessary for the proper functioning of a system. These findings is not good for hosting midsize selling packages: + server outsourcing. Because the economic level, the rental of these dedicated hosting servers will become increasingly more expensive compared to a massively distributed hosting (especially due to the fact that only the actual usage is charged). And facilities management, the centralization, standardization framework and management of virtual machines are that this will become trivial in the overall cost.

So of course, it only affects that part of the application hosting (especially those who have a web front end) and it will always remain special needs (colocation, private bays, private application, etc. ..). It also remains the innovative hosting or very good advisers, or even good business. But I think a new deal happens in this area. So we have that the current players are finding new ways to create value, to keep their customers (even if by definition they are captives ).

During the first decade of actors and methods have evolved a lot, but we’ll get into a phase of rapid consolidation and some players will have to be agile in order to properly re-position their hosting / outsourcing deals.

And on your side, your applications in 3/5 years, you have an idea .. via a web host on your own servers in the clouds for small business¬†…

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