What is Bandwidth ?


The bandwidth can mean various things depending on the application you are talking about. When talking about radio, the bandwidth usually refers to wavelength. Technologies in optics is marked by a line width of the spectrum within the range of the total spectrum. For the article, will discuss the bandwidth in terms of digital communication.

Even in these terms can be confusing. To facilitate understanding, the reference bandwidth used to be done online, which is the most common reference. Then we say that bandwidth is a unit of measure representing the rate at which the data or information bits can be through a system.

Think of the bandwidth as a pipe or a water hose. The larger the pipe, the greater the volume of water that can pass through it. Do not confuse this with the pressure. Exerting pressure on the pipe, it can allow water to be ejected faster. However, have you left a greater volume of water? Now apply the same concept to telecommunications.

The bandwidth is the pipe or hose in communications industry. The bigger the pipe, the more information can be passed through it. Now assume that there is a small fire. With a standard water hose, we could get enough water to turn it off. Now imagine what if a house is burning. The hose stream will no longer be of much use to extinguish a fire of this size. For this need, hose and piping will have to be higher. Taps will be needed to control the flow pipes that run, and thus have control of the water we use.

Back to our Internet environment with the above examples. The bandwidth is very similar to what has been discussed. Bandwidth is the information bit stream (water) that can be carried by a transmission channel (pipe). The more information you send, the more you will increase the bandwidth.

When we connect to the Internet from home, we require the service of an ISP or Internet Service Provider. You can use the analogy of a water company, which supplies us with the flow of water to our house. The ISPs we provide broadband services. In telecommunications, broadband refers to a system capable of carrying a wide range of frequencies. These frequencies can be divided into channels. Each channel can be used to transmit information. In other words, more channels mean a larger home.


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