What is Data Center?

A data center also called as Data Processing Center (DPC) is basically a facility or building where the data systems or machines or web servers are centralized. Data Center is a term used in the case of web hosting a website, application as it is housed where the servers are located.

These data centers contains a multitude of machines. Data stored on the web servers, must be accessible at anytime, from anywhere and protected from external damage, hence the data centers are mainly for strength to be protected from significant risks of failure such as disasters, or intrusion. Therefore, there are various protection systems implemented against power outage, fire, disaster, etc…

Servers in a data center are typically arranged in arrays (i.e. in racks) and connectivity is provided to facilitate the rapidity of access to the servers.

Today, most of the businesses depends on the GII (Global Information Infrastructure) for survival of their business. Data centers are core for businesses that rely on the them. The data centers are getting more efficient day by day. It consists of many equipments and usually processes more critical data than ever before and without ruining the temporary loss of data or interfering with the data availability.

In data centers, fire is one of the most important considerations risking the data center facilities. These data processing centers are highly allergic to fire which is mostly caused by overheating of electronic components, inaccurate wiring, power flows, lightning, arsonists and even terrorists.

Data centers being an important part of the global economy’s infrastructure, it is essential for them to implement the best fire safety measures. Data centers nowadays, are modifying their facilities with advanced and futuristic technologies to compete with other data centers in the Industry. Most of the popular data centers in India, UK, US have implemented the best fire protection systems into every departments of the data center, benefiting them in terms of investment and performance.

Most of the India-based data centers have proper solutions from water mist protection to integrated security controls in place. The managed services offered by India-based data centers have satisfied millions of customers based in Asia as well as in foreign countries making it their first preferred choice.

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