What’s Behind our Data?

Secure Data Center

The information technology and communication (ICT) are now an indispensable part of our daily lives. Personal relationships are included within social networks like Facebook, MySpace or Twitter and social life and work is also influenced by new technologies. We make shopping online; we use electronic banking, interact with a TV or do video conferencing with a client anywhere in the world in real time. However, very few know what’s behind all this technology or from where it manages all the data traffic.

Currently, there is much talk of how the new devices, social networks and other platforms have changed the world. According to studies by several analysts in the year 2020 there will be 31,000 million connected devices, 50,000 million gigabytes of data and 4,000 million Internet users. It will generate 230 million tweets over a day and up more than 100 terabytes of information to Facebook, what figures discuss shortly?

All these devices and networks handle a large amount of data and information, but … what if they fail? What if you cannot access through them or the information is not available? Who has not spent more than a once you have tried to access your email or a certain application for your mobile phone and did not work, either by device failure or because the technology behind failed. Dependence on new technologies is evident every day. In fact, dissatisfaction before any ruling is clear, because we are not used to being “without them” and such failures are not accepted.

Let’s jump in time and return to the months of April and October 2011. In April, the Amazon Company selling online suffered a fall on their servers-due to a lightning strike, which affected thousands of consumers and businesses for days. The same happened in October when Blackberry suffered a fall in their servers and left millions of users without service for almost 48 hours. Falls in services in both companies aroused concern among the most confident in technologies and extended that fears about the security of the data and information between users and companies. To avoid or limit these problems it is necessary to pay attention to data centers. Their responsiveness, preparation and confidence that will not happen any hiccup, are key to the IT world and hence the companies and business applications users do not crumble.

Data centers, an Alternative to Protect and Save the Information

The data center is the physical place where the company servers are stored. In these facilities where data stored, manipulated and transferred, is the place from where they leave or get photos from Facebook, tweets, online payments validations, emails, different logs do that every day, etc. Arguably one data center is a “Deluxe Hotel” machine. A hotel which ensures that users (information) will have the best service and availability is absolute. In the same way that a Hotel pampers guests, a data center pampers machines that transmit and receive information today has become so available and essential.

Having a data center with the guarantee of delivering highest performance, quality service and security when protecting and safeguarding the data and connections to any incident in the systems. Undoubtedly, new technologies offer service improvements, but also challenges for ensuring information from companies and in ultimately, the users. Any service is susceptible to failure. For this reason, it is key to have infrastructure to ensure maximum stability and if it can save us from a fall, the better.

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